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Abate Fetel (Early Oct. - Nov.)
An ancient Italian variety, this has a rich sweet taste with a pronounced pear flavor. Best when slightly firm and melting.

Harvest: Early October - November
Bartlett (Early Sept. - Mid. Oct.)
This is your classic fall pear. Golden yellow with the quintessential pear aroma, you'll enjoy its juicy, sweet flavors with a hint of chewy grainy-ness.

Harvest: Early September until Mid-October
Clara Frijs (Mid-Sept. - Oct.)
Very smooth and mild flavor. The texture is a "good crispy" when ripe, or you can allow the perfume to develop with a little more ripening.

Harvest: Mid-September until October
Conference (Oct. - Feb.)
Like crème brûlée in a pear. It's smooth, candy sweet, and a tidbit floral.

Harvest: October until February
Dana Hovey (Sept. - Feb.)
This “Winter Seckel” pear is tiny and candy sweet, with firm smooth flesh.

Harvest: September until February
Flemish (Early Sept. - Dec.)
Wonderful rich, sweet flavor, with a smooth creamy texture. Try it with a mild blue cheese, or poached in white wine.

Harvest: Early September until December
Gourmet (Late September)
Our highest Brix (soluble sugars) pear. Sweet and spicy, with a quince-like fragrance. Interesting dense texture, it holds up well in cooking.

Harvest: Late September
Honey Sweet (October)
A smooth, sweet, buttery pear. Honey Sweet is similar to the Seckel pear, only larger.

Harest: October
Lemon Bergamot (October)
Also known as "Passane du Portugal." White, juicy and sugary sweet with an excellent buttery flavor. Not to be confused with the citrus of Earl Grey fame!

Harvest: October
Miele D’Hiver (Mid-Nov. - Feb.)
The name “Winter Honey” fits our D’Anjou perfectly. Ours hang on the tree to get honey-sweet and smooth. Sweet, creamy, run-down-your-chin juicy.

Harvest: Mid-November until February
Morettini (Late August)
The most delicious pear we grow (and we grow a lot of good pears)! If Champagne were a pear, it would be this one. Smooth, sweet, a little acid, fine texture, light bouquet flavor.

Harvest: Late August
Orcas (Mid-September)
Discovered on Orcas Island in 1972, these gorgeous, large pears are sweet and fragrant with a rich pear flavor.

Harvest: Mid-September
Superfin (Late September)
Very fine, a little grainy, extremely juicy and melting. Its flavor combination of sweet with the perfect balance of acidity is rare in most pears.

Harvest: Late September
Taylor's Gold (December)
A russeted strain of Comice; the Queen of winter pears. These are the perfect fruit for the Holiday season.

Harvest: December
White Doyenne (Oct. - Jan.)
One of the oldest known cultivars from Roman times, this peace exudes an amazing rose fragrance when fully ripe. Sweet and firm with smooth, juicy flesh.

Harvest: October until January
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Ashmead's Kernel (Late Oct. - Dec.)
Hands-down one of the best flavored apples, ever. Its rich, earthy balance of sweet, tart and nutty flavors attracts apple connoisseurs across the country!

Harvest: Late October until December
Bramley (September)
Very tart, nearly sour, apple. Best for baking and cooking, unless you like really tart fruit. Mix with other high-flavor types for a wonderful pie or apple cake.

Harvest: September
Calville Blanc d'Hiver (Mid-October)
The gourmet culinary apple of France, it makes exquisite pies and tarts. This apple has a wonderful unique shape.

Harvest: Mid-October
Crimson Topaz (Mid-Oct - Dec.)
One of our favorites! It’s the perfect unusual flavor combination of tart and sweet, with a crunchy bite and beautiful color.

Harvest: Mid-October until December
Egremont Russet (Late September)
Our earliest russet looks like a potato but tastes like pineapple. Known to make grown men weep for joy.

Harvest: Late September
Ellis Bitter (September)
This bittersweet apple is specifically for adding to hard cider. The tannins that taste bitter when fresh remain through fermentation to give the cider an interesting kick.

Most of our apples are good for cider, but ones like these are bred always and only for hard cider. Other varieties include:

• Kingston Black: Bittersweet
• Tremletts Bitter: Bitter-sharp
• Foxwhelp: Bitter-sharp
Elstar (Early September)
An early season tart apple, wonderful for fresh eating. Also great for salads and fruit salads, since the color stays white when cut.

Harvest: Early September
Fiesta (Mid-September)
A descendent of Cox’s Orange Pippin, this apple one is floral and fruity. Get ready to take your mouth by surprise with its super tartness!

Harvest: Mid-September
Freyburg (Late September)
An incredibly sweet apple, full of banana and anise flavors with a crisp, dense bite.

Harvest: Late September
Golden Russet (Late Oct. - Jan.)
Bite into this apple and taste a rich burst of honey, berry and ginger flavors. A little sweeter than Ashmeads, but just as complex and unusual. Great eating; excellent for pies and cider.

Harvest: Late October until January
Gravenstein (Late August)
The classic apple for pies and sauce, preferred by grandmothers and foodies alike! Rich and tart, the Gravenstein tops the Granny Smith any day of the week.

Harvest: Late August
Haralson (Early September)
The "Snow White" of apples: large, sweet, crisp, beautiful red in color and with an outstanding apple flavor.

Harvest: Early September
Keepsake (Late Oct. - Jan.)
A medley of fruity flavors, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. Nice dense sweet flesh, best for fresh eating.
Kidd's Orange Red (Early October)
Delicious complex sweet flavor with hints of strawberry. Bred in New Zealand with Cox’s Orange Pippin as a parent.

Harvest: Early October
Kingston Black (September)
This bittersweet apple is specifically for adding to hard cider. The tannins that taste bitter when fresh remain through fermentation to give the cider an interesting kick.

Most of our apples are good for cider, but ones like these are bred always and only for hard cider. Other varieties include:

• Ellis Bitter: Bittersweet
• Tremletts Bitter: Bitter-sharp
• Foxwhelp: Bitter-sharp
Macoun (Early Oct. - Dec.)
McIntosh-type apples with brilliant white flesh, and a snappy “Mac” flavor. Great for eating "as is," or try them as applesauce and baked apples.

Harvest: Early October until December
Melrose (Nov. - Jan.)
Sweet, juicy, firm, with a nice tartness from its Jonathon parent. A good old apple, not to be missed!

Harvest: November - January
This apple is best in the winter when its unusual, delightful, piney flavor gets richer and more refreshing.

Harvest: November until February
"Not Your Mama" Gala (Sept. - Jan.)
Not yo’ Mama’s grocery store Gala, these are the original strain of apple that are sweet, crisp, and fragrant. Newer strains are selected for high red color, at the loss of flavor -- but not our gallant Galas!

Harvest: Early September until January
Prairie Spy (Oct. - Dec.)
Delicious eating apple with complex fruity aromas, balanced with nice tartness. Also great for pies and baking!

Harvest: October until December
Belle de Boskoop (Mid-October)
Also known as "Red Boskoop," this is a redder strain of apple. Intensely tart with fabulous rich flavors. If you like an apple that keeps your attention, the Red Boskoop is the best for cakes and pies, and fresh eating.

Harvest: Mid-October
Rubinette (September)
Has the rich complex flavor of its famous parent, Cox Orange Pippin, but brighter and sweeter.

Harvest: September
Spitzenberg (Mid-Oct. - Dec.)
Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple, the Spitzenberg is sweet, tart and spicy delicious for fresh eating. For those who like cinnamon with their apples, this epitomizes the whole flavor experience; great for pie!

Harvest: Mid-October until December
Sweet 16 (September)
Very unique sweet-tart apple, with an unusually complex blend of nutty, spicy and cherry flavors. Very popular with kids!

Harvest: September
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