Pear Gift Boxes

Surprise your friends, coworkers, clients or loved ones with the perfect Pear Gift Box! Each 5-pound box includes hand-picked, fresh organic pears.


These gorgeous pears are individually wrapped, nested in biodegradable foam, and accompanied by ripening instructions -- so you can easily enjoy your gift at its best.


Pear Gift Boxes: $33.00

Shipping & Handling (Per Box): $14.95 USPS Priority Flat Rate

(US customers only)


Step 1. Choose Personalized Message

Please fill out your complimentary gift message in the box provided.

Note: If you are sending a gift box to multiple recipients, we happily include an identical gift message of your choosing for all boxes ordered. (For example: "Happy Holidays! Love, The Smith Family.")


Step 2. Type Recipient Information in Second Box.

a) If you are shipping to a single address, skip this box and head to Step 3.

b) If you are sending to more than one address, list each recipient (Name, Street Name, City, State, Zip Code). When you hit the "Checkout" button, you will be directed to the Billing & Shipping page, where you will be asked "Where would you like your order shipped?" Simply list the first address you provided on this page. (If you don't know their email address or contact number, simply provide your own.)


Step 3. Input Quantity of Boxes. Change total number of gift boxes to desired amount in Quantity field above Checkout Button.


Step 4. Click the "Checkout" button. Click "View Cart" to review your order.


Step 5. Click "Checkout" to fill out your payment and shipping information. If you do not know your recipient's phone number or email, simply input your own. This is for internal use only.


Step 6. You're all done! You will be sent a receipt upon purchasing.


Questions? Email us:


Thank you, and enjoy!

Pear Gift Boxes

    (Includes Tax + Priority Shipping)
    Did you remember to enter a Total Quantity for the number of gift boxes?
    Did you fill out your gift message?
    Did you fill out all the addresses of your recipients, if sending to more than one?

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