Farming lets us be athletes and scientists as well as artists and providers. We work outside with all its joys and challenges, and experience the wonder of each season, each year. We are at the mercy of weather and economics, but can create our own path.

We celebrate diversity in our soil and our trees, knowing that resilience lies in complexity.

We seek to enhance the components of outstanding flavor. The influences of our mountain soil and climate promotes sharpness. The management of nutrients ensures complex flavors. Our unique cultivars push our experience of what apples and pears can be.

Carefully timed picking lets each fruit reach its full potential of flavors and aromas.

Stina came to farming from a background in forestry work, so trees have been her career path all along.

John left a professional practice to connect with more "real" work.  Both love skiing and hiking with their dogs, and enjoying anything on the water.

Why We Farm

Slices of Orchard Life

certified organic heirloom fruit